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Onboarding Timeline

Welcome to RedRover!

Congratulations on starting your journey with RedRoverIT. We’re excited to have you on board.

Our goal is to make the process of transitioning to our services as seamless as possible. With that in mind, we wanted to take a moment and introduce you to the basics of our onboarding plan!

There are several steps involved in getting your business on-boarded with RedRover! Once it is, our techs will be able to support you and your employees at the highest level.

Getting Ready (1-3 weeks)

First things, first as they say. In order to provide you the best support, we need to set our systems up to best support you. During this time, we will:

  • Help you introduce us to your employees
  • Finalize agreement paperwork
  • Install remote access to at least one of your machines
  • Gain access to your servers and set up our admin account
  • Set up our back office tools with your company’s info
  • Procure any necessary hardware for your onboarding

Learn and Document (1-3 weeks)

During this phase, we will be on-site at your business exploring your computers, network closets and business processes so that we can document each item for future support.

Some of the items we will be documenting include:

  • All desktop and laptop PCs
  • Network and Desktop printers and scanners
  • Business Software and websites necessary to your daily operation
  • Network devices
  • Vendor services (such as your internet service provider)

Standardization & Cleanup (2-5 weeks)

During this phase, we will take what we learned earlier and begin to standardize your environment. This is a multi-step process where we try to bring each piece of your ‘technology puzzle’ and put it together so that you’re operating on our high standards. This makes supporting your environment easier and more efficient. Some of the things we will do include:

  • Upgrade computers to Windows 10
  • Network hardware replacement
  • Network configuration (standardize IP scheme, etc)
  • Reconfigure printers where necessary
  • Update domain records (DNS, MX records, email)

Cloud Services (1-3 weeks)

Your Rover Manage package will include multiple cloud services that we will configure and roll-out during this phase.

  • Microsoft/Office 365
  • PC and Server Backup Software
  • DNS/Content Filtering

Training & Wrap Up (1-3 weeks)

Finally, we will be ready to train users and “go-live”. You’ll finally be Rover Ready and we can begin supporting your users more efficiently and you can focus on normal business tasks. We will train your users:

  • How to request support or contact us
  • Cybersecurity basics
  • How to use their Office 365 products
Updated on April 15, 2022

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