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Security vs Usability

In the Technology world, there’s an ongoing battle between Security vs Usability.

Every day, there are millions of hackers around the world, trying to break into networks like yours. There’s literally high-rise buildings full of these hackers in countries like Russia.

And, the best way to defend against them is to NOT use Technology at all.

But that wouldn’t be fun, right? 😵

The problem with Technology though is that typically, the more Secure your systems, the harder they become to use!

On a graph, it looks a little like this:

So, please know that we do our very best to make your business as secure as we can with the budgets you give us to work with. And, at the same time we also try to make things as easy to use as possible, while keeping security as high as we can.

You might notice this in things like our strong recommendation that every single user uses 2-Factor Authentication.

We know it can be painful to use because we protect 100% of our systems with it.

However, turning it on, can help block LOTS of the most common hacking attempts that are happening on your network to help keep your data safe.

We err on the side of high security, but we also aim for easy usability 🤓

Updated on April 15, 2022

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